Frequently asked questions
about how we work.


Why us?

The core of the Software Station is a team of senior developers with 6+ years of experience in designing and developing software for mobile platforms and back end. Contact us for a free consultancy and meeting with our top developers.

Can we sign an NDA?

Yes, we always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you share any information to keep your idea safe.

How is development time estimated and charged?

Efforts are estimated by our tech leads and project managers. We offer several options for project estimation based on your requirements: fixed price, hourly or monthly basis.

I’m looking for a complete team. Can you cover the whole process?

Yes, we offer the full cycle of development starting from the MVP to front end and back end. Besides that, we offer design services upon request.

What project management methodology do you use?

Management processes at Software Station are based on Agile principles, tools and best practices of the industry.

The development is already running and I need additional resources.

We can offer you additional resources on time and material basis that will become a part of your existing development team and will be managed on your side.

The development is already running but I need to change the project team.

Sure, we can help with transferring all development processes from your existing team to our team, review your latest results, code quality and continue your app development.


What is MVP?

MVP is a product prototype that includes enough features to try the basic functionality and understand the purpose of a product. Usually, it takes us 80-160 man / hours to build the MVP based on your idea.

How much does an MVP cost?

It depends on technologies stack that is required for your MVP. During the initial stage of the research, we will write you a proposal describing the solution, required technologies and cost.

How is MVP development done?

We start from a free consultancy to define goals and main features of the product. This includes the discussion of the design and / or development of the MVP. During the next 2 – 4 weeks we design, develop, test and introduce the MVP to beta testers. Once we receive the initial feedback, you will be able to decide if the MVP needs to be improved or start the complete project.

Full Stack

What is Full Stack?

If a product requires both Front end and Back end development, we can cover both sides and provide the full stack development of a product.

How much does a Full Stack project cost?

You know exactly what you want to develop and we give you fixed estimation of work and cost before the project start and after initial discussion and project analysis. If you are not 100% sure about the final outcome, we will work on a dedicated weekly, sprint or monthly budget.

What about PM & QA?

We provide both PM and QA assistance for each full stack project from the start to MVP and release in the end. Project management and software testing are included in the offer.

Dedicated Team

What's a Dedicated Team?

If required, we can provide a dedicated team of developers that works exclusively on your projects under your direct management and supervision. Besides that we can offer you additional resources to monitor, manage and increase your team.

What is the potential capacity of the dedicated team?

We can offer you up to 5 developers and 1 personal manager from the beginning. The team can be expanded within 2-4 weeks period upon request.

Can I interview and interact directly with developers?

Yes, during the hiring process we provide the CV for each candidate. Once shortlisted, you can interview the developers and interact with them directly during the development process.