Native mobile projects development and team outstaffing. From concept design to fully functionality mobile solution and further maintaince.


Software Station delivers mobile MVP and fully functional applications to customers on a fixed price or time and material basis.

Overview and Analysis

Our senior experts conduct analysis and consultation before the full start of the project.

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Problem definition

The definition of basic problems that are solved within 2-4 weeks and provide an opportunity to get a working prototype.


Prototyping includes basic development for understanding the relevance of the described idea.

Delivery in 2-4 weeks

Within 2-4 weeks we provide a working and tested version of the application to determine the next steps.

Transition to full stack

In the case of a transition to full development we analyze the new scope of work and define the appropriate team.

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Deep dive

Complex projects require deeper immersion into the problem for analysis and further evaluation.


Evaluation of all phases of the project includes estimation of the scope of work and the project schedule planning.


We focus on application design that is target audience oriented and helps to solve user issues.


Our developers build applications using latest development practices, technologies and frameworks.


We stick to the transparent process with regular updates following the agreed project schedule.

SLA Maintenance

Our SLA terms provides support for the core product and all related services as requested by the client.

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* what we provide by default


We use agile development methodologies and best project management practices.


Software QA we consider it an obligatory factor for bug-free mobile development.

Dedicated Team

Scope evaluation

The study and analysis of the basic issue is key factor to determine the initial dedicated team size that is required for the project start. In the future the team may be scaled.

Team building

We offer the best specialists in various fields. After determining the initial goals, the suitable team is assembled from the available resources or additional specialists are hired.

Product development

The development team basically includes specialists in development, QA and management. The development methodology is selected convenient for the needs of the client.

Team scaling

Team scaling

Further growth of a dedicated team is possible at any stage of development, depending on the growth in the number of tasks and the needs of the client. We offer professionals who can easily connect to the live process.

Market Focus

Financial services

Our team develops services for private usage and enterprises to monitor, manage and protect the financial data.

Travel & Booking

Our travel and hospitality expertise includes services that cover all stages of travel (flights and hotels booking, auto rental etc.)

IoT solutions

Software Station is focused on mobile software design and development to control smart devices and automotive solutions.

Social networking

We help our clients in creating services and modules for existing platforms that assist people with communication and content exchange, chatting with sales representatives or bots, or building new social relations.


Educational applications and business simulation solutions design, development and consulting.

Health Care & Medical

Software Station offers the design, development, and consulting services necessary to create cutting-edge technological solutions for the healthcare world while perfectly meeting your unique business needs.


We assisted media and entertainment companies with mobile applications development integrating technological innovations into their business processes, products and services.


Our team develops various utility applications necessary to simplify technological and business processes.


Software station develops separate telecom solutions as well as embedded modules within bigger solutions including VOIP calls and live video streaming.

Technology Stack

Programming Languages

Objective-C, Swift, C++, C#, Kotlin, Java.


UIKit, Foundation, CoreAudio, CoreVideo, CoreGraphics, CoreData, CoreLocation, CoreBluetooth CoreAnimation, CoreText, Social, Security, AVFoundation, ARKit, etc.

Programming paradigms

Reactive programming (RxJava, RxSwift, Reactive Cocoa), RESTful APIs.


HTTP, HTTPS, XMPP, SIP, WebSockets, Sockets, BLE.

App architectures


Version control systems


Third-party libraries

AWS SDK, Firebase, PubNub SDK, Facebook SDK, Alamofire, Realm, RxSwift, etc.

Unit testing

XCTest, Quick/Nimble.

Bug tracking and performance tuning

Xcode Tools, Crashlytics, Bugsee.

Continious integration

Jenkins, Fastlane, Bitrise, CircleCI, Fabric, Testflight, HockeyApp.